Web Design

The Woodall Design team has been creating websites for over ten years and provide highly creative web design, website development, and search engine optimization for small and medium-sized businesses an affordable price.

Content Management

We’re strong believers in the power of a powerful content management system over static HTML sites. A content management system should make it easy for the client to maintain and create their own content, enhance security, allow you to track usage, and support good SEO. Towards this goal we use and recommend the world’s most used CMS – WordPress.

Layout to Live

Each and every PSD conversion is handled professionally and promptly. The conversion process is subjected to rigorous quality control, before the project is returned, to ensure the most accurate conversion. Available at differing levels of completion, including plain HTML and as a complete WordPress Theme!

Data Migration

Are you migrating from an existing HTML site or perhaps Blogger, Moveable Type, or some other custom CMS? We can use our in-house tools to convert your old site and all it’s content to a new WordPress site and save you time and money. In many cases we can also maintain your links/URLs so your SEO is not adversely affected.

Web Development

We develop standards-compliant sites and use the latest PHP, HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery as our primary development tools. We work closely with you, or your designer, to produce the site you need with the functionality you require.

Development for Designers

Not only do we produce beautiful and functional websites ourselves, but we’re also a go-to solution for some of the best designers we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for the designer so they can supply their clients with the best websites. We serve designs across our country and across the world.

PSD Conversion

We also serve clients who are comfortable with WordPress, supply their own designs, and simply need a theme created from their Photoshop document (PSD) file. We offer very competitive rates for this service and offer a range of options to meet all needs.

We’re here for you

Woodall Design is there with you from the design phase to roll out, and a PSD conversion makes Layout to Live faster than ever.