Midlothian Directory


We had the pleasure of being given the opportunity to redesign the Midlothian Business Alliance directory, an alliance that connects business professionals, communities and government administrators to build relationships, share information and work together on activities and issues affecting the Midlothian, Virginia area. We took their original website and database platform and turned it into a state of the art website that now outshines most other similar business alliance websites, helping them look like the reputable directory service that they are.

New Site
New WordPress Site

Today It’s All About Design Flexibility, SEO and Security
The old Midlothian website was built using an insecure custom PHP script and PHP has a wide array of characteristics that can create havoc and some of these characteristics allow for direct access to the applicable server. This means that any skilled Linux hacker could do anything from sending out spam email to editing, deleting or adding any file on the server.

The new website is WordPress based with advanced security and features, one of todays most popular and efficient website platforms. We chose WordPress because it’s been designed to be expanded and that’s exactly what we’ve done. There are thousands of impressive WordPress plugins to choose from that adds to functionality to the core system and we know all of the best ones to use. WordPress is also search engine friendly, automatically solving a great deal of SEO issues. The advanced security features we built into the site resolve common holes, strengthen user credentials and stop automated attacks.

Modern Design
We transformed the original Midlothian Business Alliance website into one that showcases the founder’s professionally, making it stand out with a fresh, contemporary look and feel that’s easy on the eyes, with just the right amount of quality graphics and bells and whistle to make it engaging, including Google mapping.

Direct Online Listing Sales
We built in an easy to navigate membership platform that gives the founders the opportunity to provide benefits that include direct online listing sales, catering to every type of business or organization. Business to business entities, retails, non-profits and services of all kinds will be more compelled to join the site and take advantage of expanded listings on the website’s directory. Members also will have access to featured listing packages as well where they’ll have a membership logo along with their online listing to showcase their community involvement.

Old Site
Old PHP Site

Multiple Sales Options
We built multiple listing sales options into the new WordPress based website to more completely serve their audience.

Customer Login
We incorporated safe customer login functionality using advanced security because we understand how important security is for everyone doing business online these days. The website is also optimized for all of today’s browsers, including the login process.

If your website needs to catch up to today’s innovative designs and features, our best in industry experience, innovative design and online database skills, combined with our superior customer service, will ensure that your website will outshine most others online and help you start attracting your target market and turning them into qualified clients.